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Wednesday, 16 July 2014 08:08

Honor Rolls

Foxcroft Academy

Foxcroft Academy announces the fourth quarter honor roll for 2013-14.
    GRADE 9 — High Honors: Brianna Adkins, Bernise Bartlett, Camille Bozzelli, Caleb Buerger, William Casey, Hannah Fishburn, Marie Hartung, Rose Kreider, Bonnie Page, Riley Poisson, Chandler Rockwell, Emily Sprecher, Weinan Wu and Dingying Zhang. Honors: Jillian Annis, Grace Bickford, Abbi Bourget, Logan Butera, Erika Chadbourne, Desrae Day, Anya Driffill, Colby Garland, Joseph Gilbert, Sierra Hanson, Samuel Libby, Crystal Macomber, Emily Mailloux, Jordan Marshall, Raven Nally, Yanliang Ni, Ethan Poland, Riley Richards, Max Santagata, Alexandria Scuderi, Taylor Smith, Hannah Vainio, and Man Ka Wong.

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Whoopie Pie Festival | Print |
Wednesday, 25 June 2014 08:27

The sweetest day in Maine! Maine Whoopie Pie Festival June 28

    DOVER-FOXCROFT — The fifth anniversary celebration of Maine’s Official State Treat, the whoopie pie, takes place on Saturday, June 28. The Maine Whoopie Pie Festival has become a state-wide celebration of the iconic Maine treat — the whoopie pie. This year, the festival will feature dozens of bakers and literally tens of thousands of whoopie pies along with other vendors and crafters, artists, activities, lots of fun for kids and families and live music all day long.

WP-contest-dc-po-26Observer file photo/Stuart Hedstrom

    TABLE MANNERS NOT REQUIRED — Young competitors in the children’s whoopie pie eating contest see who can scarf down four of the miniature chocolate and cream desserts during last year’s Maine Whoopie Pie Festival in Dover-Foxcroft. The fifth anniversary of the Maine Whoopie Pie Festival will take place on Saturday, June 28 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m., with a number of events including contests involving eating the tasty treats for kids, teenagers and adults. Plenty of whoopie pies, in as many flavors as attendees can imagine, will be available for those seeking to savor the flavor of their whoopie pies.

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Happy 200th Birthday Sangerville | Print |
Wednesday, 11 June 2014 08:11


Maxim known for machine gun, but not as well for other inventions

The Tale of the Two Knights

Courtesy of
the Sangerville Public Library

    On a small hill overlooking Dexter’s Lake Wassookeag on a June day in 1890, a gathering of townspeople watched history in the making as bullets whizzed into the lake waters at a rate of 666 per minute.
    From that location, about 10 miles from his Sangerville home, Sir Hiram Maxim’s gun entered the battlefields of World War I, and later the Russo-Japanese War, World War II, and even the battlefields of Korea and Vietnam.
    Born on Feb. 5, 1940 in a less-than-modest home on a small knoll overlooking a stream, Hiram Maxim tended sheep throughout the summer months.

SA-MaximMonu-DCX-PO-24Photo courtesy of Kathy Willey

    MAXIM MONUMENT — Pictured is a monument marking the Sangerville birthplace of Sir Hiram Maxim. The site was spruced up by Kathy and Jeff Willey.

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BUSINESS FOCUS (Part 3) | Print |
Wednesday, 11 June 2014 08:07

ComFit is at the center of the community’s fitness

           GUILFORD — ComFit, short for Friends of Community Fitness, is a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week 501(c)3 non-profit fitness and community center at 31 High Street in Guilford. After operating in the former Abbie Fowler School Building in Sangerville for seven years, in 2010 ComFit moved to a much larger and more modern space at the former Guilford Primary School building.
    “This move is an incredible boost to our community outreach.” said Gayle Worden, executive director. “Since moving to the new space ComFit has grown to serve over 525 members on a regular basis and employ 10 people.”

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BUSINESS FOCUS (Part 2) | Print |
Wednesday, 11 June 2014 08:04

Healing Center helps restore body’s balance

       The Healing Center of Maine, located in the Union Square Mall, 64 East Main Street in Dover Foxcroft, is an alternative health business set up to help people discover how good their body is designed to feel.
    The Healing Center offers a holistic approach to restore balance and enhance healing for all clients; this means that owners Peter and Shirley Wright believe in working with the whole body, not just one body system at a time.

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